The research project Urbanization, Mobilities and Immigration (URMI) analyzes the future of urbanization and its drivers, the state-of-art and promotion of urban sustainability and resource efficiency, the impact of urbanization to regions, and the impact of immigration on urbanization, especially in the largest urban regions in Finland.Mobilities and immigration are themes through all URMI’s multidisciplinary research activities. URMI tackles the research themes utilizing carefully selected feasible research materials as well as suitable quantitative, qualitative, participatory and foresight methods. URMI conducts multidisciplinary scientific research that is internationally recognized with high scientific impact, substantial societal impact and immediate policy relevance in Finland to respond to the programmatic questions of the Strategic Research Council call Urbanising Society.

The research project lasts from 2016 to 2019.

Jussi S. Jauhiainen
University of Turku, Department of Geography and Geology

Aleksi Neuvonen
Demos Helsinki




Uusi URMI-raportti segregaatiosta on julkaistu: Tutkimuksen mukaan asuinalueiden etninen eriytyminen on lisääntynyt hieman kaikilla tutkituilla kaupunkiseuduilla ja on vahvinta Turun alueella. Tulotason mukainen eriytyminen on puolestaan vahvistunut Turun ja Tampereen seuduilla.

Timo Kauppinen@timomkauppinen

Raporttimme "Sosiaalinen kestävyys: asuminen, segregaatio ja tuloerot" on nyt julkaistu: https://t.co/CBTDJvVs2W @URMI_team @Akatemia_STN #asuminen #segregaatio #tuloerot #kestävyys

12 Mar: @fduvell was key note for an inter-ministerial seminar in Helsinki "Irregular Immigrants - Best Practices" @URMI_team #paperittomat https://t.co/6R0ecLukiA

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